At Showman, we believe it’s important not only to make sure we are leaders in sustainability in our field, but it’s just as important that we educate and advocate for sustainability in our industry.  Since Bob Usdin first presented a panel on sustainability at LDI in 2006 Showman has been done much to lead the industry towards a more sustainable place.

Some of our accomplishments in this include:

  • Sponsoring and organizing of LDI GREEN DAY in 2009, 2010, and 2011.
  • Bob Usdin earning his LEED AP.
  • Showman joining the Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) upon its inception, and Bob becoming the committee co-chair of the pre- and post-production committee.
  • Organizing and participating in seminars on Sustainability in production areas including Sets and Props, as well as Lights with the BGA.
  • Participating in seminars on Sustainability at universities including CUNY, York University and Yale University.
  • Writing articles to increase awareness of sustainability for industry magazines and publications.


ARTICLES and PRESS (article) (Peter Tony announcement CSPA) (LDI 2009 announce) (Fallon Article)


Seminar Information (BGA lighting workshop) (BGA Green Scenic Technique Workshop) (LDI sessions from 2010 and 2011 as well as an overview of 2009)