Most Common Questions

Why Choose Showman?

Showman offers comprehensive project management, top-notch construction, intelligent engineering, and creative solutions to issues in a timely and open manner.  We have a 77,000 square foot facility in the heart of NYC, well equipped to design, engineer, weld, construct, print, carve, sculpt and paint the scenery you need, on your schedule.  We are a union shop which guarantees a level of quality and expertise unmatched by less experienced or low value shops.  Projects are always handled professionally from start to finish, and delivered on time to their precise specifications.  We’re happy to discuss projects of any size, so feel free to contact us today.

Will you work at non-union studios/sites with non-union labor?

Yes.  Our goal is for a successful project for both the client and Showman.  If your needs require installation be done by non-union labor,  our site supervisors are experienced with working with crews with many different backgrounds and talents.  We can deliver the best product with crews of a wide variety of talent.

What is your lead time ?

Our first question to you is, “When do you need it?” Showman specializes in quick turnaround projects, and with our resources, we are able to dedicate labor and material to a project quickly.  While a longer build time is preferable, our depth of resources has allowed us to successfully complete projects in time frames that other shops would never attempt.

Is my project too small for you?

Not at all! We can rent you one flat or build the most grandiose environment.

What if I love my set so much that I want to keep it after my event/show?

We understand the feeling.  Showman offers storage solutions both in and out of house, depending on the amount of space needed.  We have relationships with various trucking and storage companies that we partner with on a regular basis to service our clients’ storage needs at affordable prices.

The show’s over, shall I just dump this scenery in the landfill?

We rather you didn’t.  Here at Showman, we are very proud of our “If We Build It, We Will Take It Back” program.  To significantly help reduce the environmental impact of your show, our exclusive “Take it Back” program allows all scenery that we provide to be returned to Showman at the end of the production, subject to certain conditions.  Once returned, the scenery will be repurposed in different ways to avoid it being put directly in a landfill.  This includes donation to community groups for new productions, the salvaging and reuse of stock materials, and recycling of remaining materials.  Please consult with a Showman Project Manager for applicable terns and conditions.

When is your loading dock open?

Typically, our dock is open from Monday-Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm, though on some days it closes at 2:00pm.  It can be kept open later by appointment.  We are located at 47-22 Pearson Place, Long Island City, NY, and our dock is at the back of the building on Davis Court, Loading bays #1-5.