Showman has made a commitment to supporting all projects looking to be more sustainable.  We are able to collaborate with designers and producers to find sustainable solutions to all challenges, and the earlier in the process we are able to come in, the more we can find cost savings and creative solutions.  Some sustainable solutions we can offer include:

  • Pre-production consulting:  The most successful projects are those in which we are able to get in early on a project so we can help create a sustainable design from the ground up, many times finding cost savings and innovative solutions.
  • Consulting and estimating for greening up an already designed set.  We will provide our clients with options within our proposals for greener materials and techniques and work with you to decide what is best for your project.
  • Input from a LEED Accredited Professional  – President Bob Usdin is a LEED AP.  If you are pursuing a LEED designation for your project, you can receive a point for having him on your team.  But even if you aren’t pursuing LEED for your project, his expertise is invaluable.
  • With our experience with LEED projects, we can source sustainable materials, including FSC certified lumber, rapidly renewable materials, materials with high recycled content and which is recyclable, low VOC paints and adhesives, and products certified with third party certifications.  We can find other creative solutions to get LEED points.  Showman will also supply the support needed to file all necessary documentation  for LEED certification.
  • We have done projects with extensive re-use and upcycling.  We have relationships with many different organizations that can help us source re-used materials and are comfortable working with them.
  • If we Build it, We Will Take It Back.  We believe all items we build should be built in a way that allows for the largest re-use and recycling possible.  To support that we will take back entire sets and use our relationships with re-use organizations such as Build It Green and Materials for the Arts to keep what we build out of the landfills.



Even if your show isn’t able to integrate sustainable materials and practices within its design, with Showman’s greener practices at its shop, you know your show will be built using a facility that is striving to be more green.

  • We have been able to maintain an 86% recycling rate of all trash taken from our shop since September 2008.  We are proud to say we have recycled over 875 tons of materials.
  • Showman has implemented upgrades to its lighting systems in the past year to make the shop and office lighting more energy efficient.  We have implemented energy star electronics as we have upgraded them.
  • Showman utilizes 100% renewable power.
  • Showman has implemented paper saving procedures including buying post-consumer recycled paper, doing paperless billing, duplex printing and utilizing air dryers to replace paper towel.
  • As a New York City shop, Showman offers both its employees and its clients access to public transportation and will reduce trucking for all NYC deliveries.  No other major shop can offer this level of support to their clients who desire to be green(er).