26 Years!!! We have grown to a company of over 100 people with a floor space of 77,000 square feet.  But it’s not where we are today that counts. More importantly, it’s about not forgetting where we came from.Showman was founded in May of 1986. With little fanfare and a tremendous will to succeed, Showman broke into the scenic fabrication industry at a time of great change in the entertainment landscape. Theater was, arguably, spawning its first technically sophisticated show, Phantom of the Opera. Corporations were awakening to the thought that a more theatrical approach to launching a product would better serve their goals, and television was expanding past 3 major networks into cable and the dawn of the niche network.
At that time, the traditional scenic shop was usually dedicated to one discipline; Independent shops mainly did theater or episodic TV, network owned shops mainly constructed soap opera sets, and event companies primarily recycled felt covered flats and carpeted platforms for their clients’ product launches. Showman looked at this landscape and decided that diversity was the key to success. Showman’s founding principle was to provide a facility and talent for all of these diverse industries.Scenery quickly moved beyond painted flats and drops. As theatrical projects became more structurally sophisticated, Showman responded by expanding to include a well-equipped welding shop for both steel and aluminum.
With the advent of HDTV, television scenery has quickly developed into a hybrid of scenery and real decorative elements. To keep up with an ever increasing ability of the camera to see clearly what’s on the set, Showman now fabricates everything from real working kitchens to on-air working newsrooms. This camera driven reality has allowed Showman to develop an expertise in laminates, stone, glass, and other varying products typically used in commercial building applications.As theatrical and television sets grew in complexity, so also did museums, restaurants and experiential marketing. Design elements had to be durable so the customer could see and touch the environment they were in. Showman brought their expertise to the table by adopting methods traditionally used in the construction industry. Bringing to bear all the best elements of scenic design and practical construction is something Showman does like no other shop in the country.