Our dedicated artisans are continually evolving to employ new techniques and materials.  Your projects will look and perform great on a Broadway Stage, in front of an HD camera, or up close and personal in a public space.  The needs of your projects are met because our committed craftspeople understand these varied environments.  It’s just one reason why our crew on the shop floor is our greatest asset.

A typical week for a carpenter could immerse them in a Broadway show the first few days, a Pharmaceutical roll-out midweek, and a network television anchor desk by week’s end. Each requires a different skill set, but demands the same level of care and expertise. Technology, coupled with diversity, is the cornerstone that makes up Showman Fabricators’ departments:

  • Wood fabrication including CNC routing, lamination, cabinetry, theatrical flats, logos
  • Metal fabrication including WaterJet cutting, welding, bending, finishing
  • Electrical including wiring, testing, LEDs, dimmable fluorescent, halogen
  • Scenic Art including sculpture, resins, fine art painting, backdrops, faux finishing, texturing
  • Automation including control systems, multi-axis capability, winches, turntables
  • Graphics including full color printing, editing, CAD-cut vinyl