Tube laser cutting and sheet metal laser cutting.

MAZAK 3D fabri gear 220 ii

Using a 4000 watt laser, the Fabrigear can cut, miter, bevel, notch, cope, drill, and tap tubes (round, square and rectangular), beams and channels into any geometry – simple or complex.


Steel, Aluminum, Stainless

Size Range:

25’ material length

Cutting envelope up to 6” square or 8” round on a ¾” thick mild steel, ¼ inch aluminum, and ⅜” thick stainless.

Special Features:

Watch the video to see what it can do! Any Metal structure, even the most complex of shapes that you can design, we can cut it! Measuring and marking, cutting to length, drilling, tapping, and welding prep can be done in one operation; a huge time saver when making parts with multiple operations.

Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015.

This 2500 watt laser can cut through steel, aluminium, wood, and acrylic. Utilizing an extremely high cut speed to make delicate details and structural elements. If you are in need of intricate metallic panels or custom plates, this machine can have these ready to meet your needs and timeline. 



Steel, Aluminum, Stainless. Some Wood and Acrylic.


Size Range:

5’ X 10’ sheets up to ¾” thick mild steel, ¼” thick aluminium, and ⅜” thick stainless.


Special Features:

One word – FAST. It cuts steel like Buttah!

(Butter for those not from Brooklyn)


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