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For Super Bowl XLVII, CBS and Jack Morton Design came to us with a project that would have four staged sets spread throughout the hosting city of New Orleans.  These broadcast sets showcased details from the French Quarter while blending a sleek modern design to create a consistency with which to display the CBS brand.  The game featured sibling head coaches, a half hour blackout, Beyoncé Halftime show and one of the largest viewing audiences in Television history.

ShowFab was able to show off our technical abilities, precision, and professionalism to construct and install the designer’s vision.  The sets were displayed on multiple stages that could accommodate not only the pregame and postgame shows, but most of the daily national broadcast. “CBS This Morning”, “CBS Evening News”, “Face the Nation” and “The Late, Late Show” all moved production to the various stages for the week.

The Baltimore Ravens were awarded the Lombardi trophy, Beyoncé won an Emmy and ShowFab was able to build, ship, assemble, staff, and strike this multistage project in less than 8 weeks.  A great victory and a nod to collaboration at its finest.

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