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When CBS and Viacom merged in 2019, there was a lot gained by both groups.  By the Fall of 2020, they launched an Election Center for CBS News in the landmark Times Square Viacom studio.  Incorporating the look and feel of the CBS Evening News and utilizing AR technology, the new Election Headquarters made a splash for the largest voter turnout in US History.

Jack Morton Design worked closely with our team to bring this design to life in an unprecedented set of circumstances.  From start to finish this project occurred in midst of the COVID 19 Pandemic with many businesses shuttered, amidst safety concerns for staff and strained supply chains. Despite these challenges the build out of this new studio was a well-orchestrated success.

The set design gave the CBS production team an opportunity to utilize every corner of the studio and bring live election results to the viewing audience in a cohesive and interesting way.  The state-of-the-art technology allowed AR Graphics to be lifted out of our custom printed floor. All the while more traditional video walls were framed in by large back lit graphics grounding the overall look of the space. Our relationship with CBS and Jack Morton continues to impress and show what true collaboration looks like. 

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