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In 2012, more than a quarter century since the show became a national hit, Live! moved to a new studio and got a brand-new set.  A larger space gave them the opportunity to bring in a more audience members and have more room for musical guests and special events.  A modern take on an urban landscape with the tones of a day time talk show, this set changed the face of morning shows.  


A two-tier audience layout and over 100 monitors were a large break from what was thought to be possible in the format at the time.  We were able to add the structure required to meet their needs without impeding on the beautiful design or the site lines of the studio audience.  The kitchen set featured interchangeable elements and a flying pot rack that transformed the space in moments.  Being a part of a pivotal program in this time slot has been an honor for Showman and ABC.  We continue to support their needs for particular segments and allow us to maintain the quality of the set installed all those years ago.

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