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The Met Museum commissioned a work by British artist Cornelia Parker.  Ms Parker’s vision was to take one iconic American element, the classic red barn and repurpose it to recreate another iconic vision of the mother’s house from the 1960 Hitchcock film “Psycho”. 


ShowFab purchased a derelict barn in upstate New York, dismantled it bringing the lumber back to our facility.  We engineered and built a replica of the movie house using the original barn lumbers and metal roofing. The support structure was engineered to pass stringent NYC building codes for wind and snow loads.


The final resting place for the project was the Rooftop Garden at the Met Museum overlooking Central Park and the NYC skyline. After its tenure at the Met, we disassembled the artwork and transported it to London where it was resurrected in the Annenberg Courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts.

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