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CNC Routing

Anderson America - Stratos Pro Full Line CNC Router.

A 15hp router on the computer controlled table performs 2D cutting of all shapes (X / Y) with 3rd Axis (Z) control for surface contours and 4th Axis (C0Aggregate Cutting.)


Wood, Plastics, Non-Ferrous Metals, Foam, Aluminum Composites (ACM’s)

Size Range:

Panels up to 6’ X 24’

Thickness up to 6”

Special Features:

With one of the largest beds available, ShowCut CNC Routing cuts your oversized panels when other fabricators can’t. Plus, ShowCut performs aggregate specialized cutting such as side milling, arch top molding; even knife cutting of fabrics, vinyl or carpet.

Foam Hot Wire Cutting

FROG360 Foam Hot Wire.

3D Hot Wire cutting with independent axis control for tapered cutting. Featuring a turntable for multi-face rotation. From simple molding extrusions to faceted sculptures, the hot wire machine can give you a finished piece, or a roughed out shape to allow your artistic creativity to add the finishing touches. 


1lb. / 1 ½ lb./ 2 lb. EPS, Ren Shape, and other foams

Size Range:

4’ X 8’ X 3’ billets, milling up to 10” thick with unlimited ability for stacking of cut shapes

Special Features:

-Maximum Cutting Speed = 120 IPM

-Accuracy = 0.001”

-Easy data imports – Import DXF files for 2D cutting along with multiple file imports for 3D cutting.



Foam 3D Milling

FROGMill 3D Foam Mill.

Our 3 axis foam milling machine can take your models or concepts and make them come to life. The optional 4th axis allows our machine to turn into a CNC Lathe that can turn a 4' x 8' foam piece into a statue or sculpture. Great for decorative elements or the extents of your imagination.


1lb. / 1 ½ lb./ 2 lb. EPS, Ren Shape, and other foams

Size Range:

4’ X 8’ X 3’ billets, milling up to 10” thick with unlimited ability for stacking of cut shapes

Special Features:

Dream it up and ShowCut can produce or enlarge it from CAD files or scanning of your maquette; from small parts to 40’ tall sculptures


Plate Laser Cutting

Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015.

This 2500 watt laser can cut through steel, aluminium, wood, and acrylic. Utilizing an extremely high cut speed to make delicate details and structural elements. If you are in need of intricate metallic panels or custom plates, this machine can have these ready to meet your needs and timeline. 



Steel, Aluminum, Stainless. Some Wood and Acrylic.


Size Range:

5’ X 10’ sheets up to ¾” think mild steel, ¼” thick aluminum, and ⅜” thick stainless.


Special Features:

One word – FAST. It cuts steel like Buttah!

(Butter for those not from Brooklyn)

Press Brake Bending

Amada HM 2204.

Two hundred tons of pressure folds metal parts into simple and complex shapes using specialized punches and dies controlled by CNC.


Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Polycarbonate.

Size Range:

¼” steel up to 12’ long, ⅜”aluminum up to 10’ long, ¼”stainless up to 10’ long, ½” steel up to 4’ long

Special Features:

Takes flat cut-out shapes and brings them to life in 3D form. Multi-faceted “boxes” and intricate trim details are now possible. Save time by folding your custom brackets instead of welding. Using ‘bump forming’, the CNC controller can closely approximate small and large radii cylinders. Check out the videos!

Water Jet Cutting

OMAX 80X Series Precision Jetmachining Center.


Pressurized to 50,000 psi, water mixed with garnet sand cuts non-porous materials with high tolerances.


Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Concrete, Glass, Granite, Laminates, Gasket Material, and Titanium.

Size Range:

80” X 160” X 6” thick.

Special Features:

Special cutting head gives taper free cutting (true square edges) or bevel cutting up to 60 degrees off vertical. High accuracy with very thin kerf (cutting line) allows for inlays and machine shop tolerances with no heat affected zone.


Tube Laser Cutting

Mazak 3D FABRI GEAR 400 lll.

Using a 4000 watt laser, the Fabrigear can cut, miter, bevel, notch, cope, drill, and tap tubes (round, square and rectangular), beams and channels into any geometry – simple or complex.


Steel, Aluminum, Stainless

Size Range:

25’ material length

Cutting envelope up to 6” square or 8” round on a ¾” thick mild steel, ¼ inch aluminum, and ⅜” thick stainless.

Special Features:

Watch the video to see what it can do! Any Metal structure, even the most complex of shapes that you can design, we can cut it! Measuring and marking, cutting to length, drilling, tapping, and welding prep can be done in one operation; a huge time saver when making parts with multiple operations.


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